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It has been a while since my last update and so I figured to post some pictures I have taken since. At the moment I’m quite full on at work and haven’t been doing too many exciting things on the side, although it has become very summery now. I was in Auckland last weekend to attend my top mate’s wedding and used the occasion to stock up on some food and other items that I need. Like a proper mattress, a BBQ and pet food etc. The island life is starting to have an effect on me, Auckland feels too busy to me. 

So here goes, some diverse pictures.

Whangaparapara harbor. I was mixing concrete there twice last week.
Great Barrier Lodge at Whangaparapara.
Not a bad way to cruise around Great Barrier Island.
My new vege patch is going well.
Iranium, still very cute but starting to be a bit naughty. Went through my rubbish bags twice last week...
Went for a fish last week. Sail-fishing; drifting with the main sail up and snapper fishing on the bottom. Got a couple.
My land can be spotted easily when approaching Tryphena. I'm where the set of pine trees are in an almost straight line going up a hill.
Tryphena light 'house'. Good snapper have been caught there off the rocks. Not by me though...
Working birds in Puriri Bay.
Rani and myself on the Auckland Navigator sailing to Auckland. Everyone loves her, people even wake her up to pet her...
As usual the tip of the Coromandel as seen on the way to town. Another great place to be.
And again, as usual when sailing through the Colville Channel. I managed to get a good shot at a whale, there was a school out there and later on we saw some dolphins, too.
Hmmm, forgot the name. A little island in the Waitamata harbor, what's it called again...
The big smoke. Actually quite a great place to live in but it is the big smoke and you gotta watch that you can keep it real there.


Just passing Devonport. I hooked up on my very first fish in New Zealand fishing off the wharf. I didn't land that one...
At my mate's place in Parry. It has changed a bit since I left, but it is still magical.

Well, that’s about it. I’m going to go on a rubbish run and take the bags down to the dump, then put some beers on ice. I brought a few boxes with me from town; beers cost almost twice as much here as in Auckland… The wind is going to die down soon and I’ll fire my new barbee (bbq) up and take it easy for a couple of hours. By the way, I watched a few movies recently.

Alien and Cowboys: I liked that one, good stuff.

Real Steel: Entertaining, good music and yeah I enjoyed that too. The boxing by Hugh Jackman is absolute shit. He never moves his feet, boxes only using his arms and is so slow. You see that kind of stuff usually in a girls aerobic ‘boxing’ class. What a shame! The movie is obviously a copy of Silvester Stallone’s ‘Over the Top’.

12 Rounds: Absolute crap!

The Green Lantern: Absolute crap!

The Hangover 2: Very funny and a great show. I watched it twice in a week. The funniest bit is this guy at the Go-Go Club. ‘When you see Chow, tell him Samir said heellooo.’ The characters are well set and even if they did a Hangover 6 doing the same story, it’ll still be very funny.

Warrior: Wow, an epic movie! Great acting and beautiful storyline. The ending is a bit too Hollywood. The guy with the hot girl and family has all the luck in the world, the brother, the more complex character and better fighter, is affected by that luck. Still superb movie.



2 thoughts on “Diverse Pictures”

  1. That little island, my friend is Browns Island (recreation reserve). I used to fish from Musik point in my days of living in Auckland (In St Johns) and was always looking at that island on my walks in.

    And you know what, since I spent virtually all my time in NZ in the Coromandel (and in particular that section in your picture!) I don’t miss Auckland either. But in the early days it was my playground and I had a lot of fun there and a few extremely wild and out of control times that I was lucky to emerge unscathed from! Fun when you’re young but yeah just so good to break free of the rat race and get closer to mother earth.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all this again in about 2 weeks! It’s snowing here again on top of the last lot that came a week ago and only half melted before we had 4 days below zero. Curse this English winter. February is not a good time to be in an unheated workshop in Europe!!! Paul xxxxx

    1. Well, it’s too hot for me to do anything at the moment… Gary is sailing around the coast here at the moment, so I’m planing to hooking up somewhere and catching some fish. Yeah, Auckland has a lot to offer. Lots of traffic too… hehe

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