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Well, it has been quite a cruisy week, fires every night, hmmm that’s about it in terms of cruisy; it rained a lot, but has been milder wind and temperature wise. There is mud everywhere and it doesn’t help that the sole of my gum boot has come off partially. So yeah, gotta stock up on them. I haven’t really done that much other than clearing some paths through the bush and collecting, cutting, splitting and stacking up fire wood. I’m amazed to see how fast you can cut with a conventional hand saw… 

There is now a little path up to the pines, where I get fire wood. Next to the pile of rocks.

Was lucky to notice on Thursday that the heavy winds were lifting the roof off the shed, an hour or so longer and one side would have ripped off. We made two mistakes when we put it together – granted it was such shabby weather when we set it up, instructions were almost useless and it was a non-trival task to say the least -, but we had not screwed the roofs to the walls properly and we forgot to use the waterproof tape underneath the flashing.

Saturday was a superb day, it was the 5th or 6th day that I have been looking for my seeds – I am planing to get a decent vegetable garden going (prices are quite steep here for food and it is a rewarding thing to do) -, finally I found them. The new project is to get a vegetable garden going.  I managed to get my drinking water situation sorted. Brought some supplies from the main land and have been boiling the stream water, however collecting rain water is the easiest option. The solution is very straightforward, but also very effective; a piece of gutter – that I found, I could use a second one though -, a 10 liter container and some rope. 20-30 min of average rain and the container is full.

no comment needed really...
Fresh, cold rain water.

I reconnected the sink, the water just drains out into my outside gutters now. Things are going well in terms of electricity as well; recharge the batteries every other day for a couple of hours (12 V home made generator), installed some 12 V lighting downstairs, my laptop runs on 12 V and I run the stereo on 12 V now as well. Listening to the radio regularly, mostly Aotea FM Radio on 94.6 MHz (this is the radio station on Great Barrier Island broadcasting from Station Rock, which is about 1 km up the hills from my site) and BFM on 95 MHz. I enjoy Aotea FM, they don’t broadcast all day though, but play a lot of blues, jazz and stuff from the 60-70s. No ads, no news; the way I like it!

I’ve started on the garden project on Sunday; here some pics….

Seems like a well drained spot, gets all day sun. What else do you want?
There is no shortage of rocks on this property...


Should have bought a wheel barrow... I found some fencing wire; not easy to spot on the this picture

I will keep you updated on the garden project. Finally, some random pictures…


Sunday morning.

3 thoughts on “Daily Section and New Project”

  1. Hi Behnam,

    The rain water solution is great and you can expand it easily if you need to in the dryer months. The garden should do plenty well, what are you going to plant? You should think about some fruit trees as well. Not sure what trees you already have on your property.

    With all those stones you picked, I bet you are in good shape too. Would love to come and help if only it were not for the looong distance.

    Take care.

    1. Cheers brother, I’ve got 3 food grade 250 l plastic containers for drinking water, but can’t just fill them up with rain water at the moment. 2 Reasons: a) the shed gets quite a bit of sun, b) I can’t
      pump the water up to the A-Frame at the moment. The vegetable patch is just a start, ideally, I want to grow much more than I can eat myself – I can make a good buck selling vegetables. It is late
      winter, I’ve got plenty of seeds and will start with those that should be sown about now; cauliflower, sugar pea, broccoli, beet root, cucumber, onion, pumpkin, a bit of tomato, carrot. Will have to build me a small glass house first, for germination and the start of vegetative growth. Then I can replant them into the garden outside. Yes, those rocks look smaller on the pictures… Can’t squad down properly at the moment, the muscles and tendons around the knees are a bit sore, so I’m doing it the old fashioned way; lift with your back… Once I’ve got a wheel barrow and a quad, it’ll be
      easier. Put it into your schedule to come over in the summer time. It’s not that far really, you’ll be here in around 24 hours net.

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