Caught Bait; Can I Catch Fish???

Another superb winter day, a bit crisp to start with, a lot of sun with some southerly breezes. As planned, I went down to the beach at high tide (big tides at the moment with a strong flow…), down to the river mouth. The wind was blowing right at me, and it is a very shallow, stony beach. I gave it a try, but went on to the point between the two beaches at Puriri Bay.

Didn’t seem much better, at least this spot was sheltered, and I managed to catch a couple of mullet and tiny Kahawai, which I’ll be using for bait tomorrow. Conditions permitting, I’m planning to go to either of the marked spots below. Haven’t fished any of them and don’t have any preference; will have to see what they look like tomorrow, where the best access is and then make a call.

Took all this with me and used only one rig. A small float, two small sabiki hooks, a split shot weight....
The Coromandel in the background. Spectacular, vibrant play of colors.
Two tiny Kahawai and if I'm not wrong, yellow eyed mullets. Will act as bait and burley.
Unfortunately, the bottom is sand only, no kelp, no rocks...
Pretty much missed the moment. This is a big tall ship.
Look closely and you'll spot a tiny, terrified rat. He caught his uncle today.

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