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Pictures of the Week 34

As part of an Off-Island Youth Trip, I had the privilege to go to Tiritiri Matangi and three other noteworthy places, Snowplanet, Goat Island Marine Reserve and Waiwera Hot Pools. Let’s start with ‘bird watching’ and Tiritiri Matangi Island. Unlike many other islands in the Hauraki Gulf, Tiritiri is an open wildlife sanctuary. Volunteers and private sponsors have reshaped a once almost completely farmed island to a eco-destination for people who like to watch birds and hiking through the vast network of tracks amongst endemic trees and plants. This island is of course also special to researchers.

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Back On The Barrier

I embarked on a trip to Auckland (Town) on the ferry with my car last week. The plan was to purchase a complete photo voltaic (PV) system and various other things that had either ‘broken’, like my gum boots, or things that I always needed, like a crimping tool. Taking advantage of a special deal (during a fraction of a year) for residents, it cost 320 NZD for a return trip for myself and a vehicle. I also took out the passenger and rear seats to maximise loading space. My next vehicle will definitely be a true 4×4, one with a transfer box and low gear, van.

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Pictures Of The Week 33 – Mussels and Sea-Weed

It has been more than a week since my last post and about 6 weeks since I went fishing last. I kinda feel bad about it, especially as traffic is increasing steadily on BENIsLAND. Perhaps the rainy weather had gotten to me, I spent quite a few days inside watching movies and not doing much at all. BTW, I watched an awesome film titled ‘The Castle‘ from 1997. Even shot a tear; funny, moving and such clear and time-less messages that would have resolved a many issues between people and will resolve present and future problems, too. If only, well watch the film. Continue reading Pictures Of The Week 33 – Mussels and Sea-Weed

Quiet & Sunny Sunday

After four days of torrential rain, thunder storms and gusting winds, it’s so great to relax on an extremely quiet and very sunny Sunday. Other than acknowledging and enjoying the peace and serenity, I worked on my garden projects. I’m expecting to yield about 50% more produce than last year. Basically, it’s really easy:

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Well Deserved Eggs

Sunday morning, Tryhena Harbour, Great Barrier Island and I am naked. Naked as in worn-out, tired, exhausted. I cleared a few small trees to allow more light to shine on a small orchard. This is not a fun job. The terrain always being uneven, rocks and small boulders hiding underneath thick kikuyu grass and no openings for the felled trees to fall on. After cutting the trees into manageable pieces, dragging them and cutting the canopies off, there is of course no open area to stack the logs nor the canopies.

One thing is for sure, my next chainsaw will be electric and it I don’t need a 52 cc engine.

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1948 Areal Photograph of Tryphena – Great Barrier Island

Check out the following areal photograph. I am stoked, a high resolution and extensive picture of Tryphena and its hills from 1948. I have been searching sporadically for such a photograph, one that shows my land, for a couple of years. A link to similar photographs is provided at the bottom of this post. Turns out, I haven’t been searching properly. I hope now to find a similar picture taken from the other cardinal direction, as it would show the rest of my property.

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The Big Smoke or Going To Town – Auckland

I was in town last week for the purpose of professional development. Since I don’t go to Auckland often, due to lack of expandable cash,  I was really looking forward to this trip.  It was great walking more or less aimlessly through the central business district, meeting up with friends, staying in a hotel, meeting new people and got even caught up in moments of nostalgia.

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