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What I’ve Learned From Killing Chicken

Last Saturday was B-Day; time to butcher a couple roosters. I reckoned three roosters to five minus one* hens is not a good balance, and decided that the two new ones shall end up in a big boil up (*because one of the hens is like Houdini and therefore roams freely). Naturally, I grabbed a stick, a net, a pair of gloves, some food and went at it.

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Green Lipped Mussels – Great Barrier Island

Amongst the many delicious foods that you should try during your New Zealand holiday is of course a dish of fresh, big and juicy green lipped mussels. To make this experience more memorable, gather them yourself. Sometimes, you don’t even need to get wet to collect a feed of mussels.

Fresh, big, delicious and easy to prepare. Green lipped mussels.
Fresh, big and delicious green lipped mussels can be easy to gather and are easy to prepare as well.

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Beans – Easy to grow, nitrogen fixing, nutritious and ideal for pickling.

You don't have to look like a fool to harvest your beans.
You don’t have to look like a fool when harvesting your beams, it might help, but I don’t know.

Beans are great. They are a (protein-rich) superfood, easy to grow, require minimal care, produce an abundance of pods and convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form that can be stored in soil. I grow bean plants that require support from a stake or string and grow like a vine, they seem to yield significantly more than dwarf beans. I think you call them climbing beans…

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Big Snapper Off The Rocks IV – Rockfishing in Tryphena

I had to go fishing off the rocks yesterday, mainly because I was listening to the forecast, looking at the chart and the tides for a few days in a row. The weather was stunning, sunshine, low wind, high tides in the mornings and late evenings. I over-thought the whole idea of fishing, contemplating whether to go to the east coast or to somewhere else. The best options seemed to get up early or go for an evening fish around the high tide mark. I wanted to get out to an area that is, however, not accessible around high tide. I wasn’t keen on going on an evening fish, getting up really early didn’t seem that enticing either. I also didn’t want to end up fishing off the rocks when the sun is at its zenith and the tide was all out. But yesterday, I just had to go out and decided to head to a bay in Tryphena. Haven’t been there for a while now, it’s close to home and the forecast was for a cloudy day with northerly winds. So I thought, I’ll go all the way to the end of the southern end of the bay – access is tidal – and fish from mid-tide (outgoing) until mid-tide (incoming). Around 6 hours of fishing, including an hour for the return trip.  Continue reading Big Snapper Off The Rocks IV – Rockfishing in Tryphena

Victorious All Blacks – Crab Salad

What a great Labour Weekend it was. The mighty All Blacks won the 2011 Rugby World Cup yesterday by beating the French in the finals 8-7 at Eden Park, Auckland. This is the second time New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup since its inauguration in 1987, which was then also hosted in New Zealand. The game could have gone both ways but the All Blacks – with the entire nation behind them – played strong and smart, and didn’t let the game slip away. Although it was very nerve-racking at stages. The match-winner was in my eyes Stephen Donald who stepped up to kick a match-winning penalty, after a few kicks were missed. The most valuable player (the MVP) is without question Ma’a Nonu.

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The Hanimal, T-Bone Steaks, Making Bread and a Rockfish

I’ve been eating very well the last couple of days, courtesy also of my good friend ‘The Hanimal’ who was here on Thursday. He brought a couple of T-Bone steaks from the mainland and is on his way back home to Switzerland after a short holiday in New Zealand – visiting his number 1. I am glad he made time to come out to BENIsLAND to visit me considering his full-on schedule and it was great catching up, sharing a couple of stories from the older days when we studied in the same institu(tion) and to showing him a little of Great Barrier Island.  Continue reading The Hanimal, T-Bone Steaks, Making Bread and a Rockfish

3 More Arrests in Schooner Bay on Sunday

After a successful mission to Schooner Bay last Thursday, where 2 Snapper were arrested and taken in for questioning, I went to the same spot on Sunday to catch another feed. First cast, booom – okay there was no real boom sound – almost instantly I felt a good take, but did not get the hook up. Further casts did not yield anything, no bites, no nothing. But when you know the fish are there, you don’t give up easily do you?

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Wild Rabbit Curry

The other evening I was busy on the laptop when I noticed the cat flap opening with my cat having a – what appeared at first site – strange rat in his mouth. He’s been really good, catching about a dozen or so rats. He brings them inside to show off and to play around with them for a while. Often that turns into an activity for the both of us, as his catch is usually very lively and sometimes manages to squeeze into a crack or somewhere where Mohammed can’t get to, and I have to deal with it…

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ATV, Fishing and Smoking Recipe

There are some cold, stormy south-westerlies building up here at the moment, it even hailed for moment. But it must be worse in other parts of New Zealand. On Thursday, I purchased a 4×4 All Terrain Vehicle (ATV or Quad), I took it out for a spin perhaps 2 weeks ago and noticed that it required some mechanical work. That has been completed now; she still needs some TLC but nothing major.  Continue reading ATV, Fishing and Smoking Recipe