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Tryphena Harbour Views & Private Hiking Track

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I have been taking it easy in the past weeks, enjoying time off, eating, drinking and otherwise mucking around on the property. The best part of this holiday is, however, that work still gets done and that important projects were finished (not by me). Fortunately, it is sufficient to take a supervisory/2nd row role, as David is an outstanding wwoofer (willing worker on organic farm).

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Great Barrier Island Marathon – From Wharf to Wharf

“I’ve completed pretty much all marathons in New Zealand. This one was the best! Not too technical, best scenery and best atmosphere. Thanks.” (Nathan, full marathon run 2015). It is that time of the year on the Barrier, and I thought it would be suitable to start with a quote from a very happy chap at the finish line. Continue reading Great Barrier Island Marathon – From Wharf to Wharf

Clean Energy, Clean Water & Clean Clothes

Since yesterday, I have been gazing through the glass panel of my new
washing machine. Observing each different operation cycle of this beautiful machine with a happy sense of accomplishment and fascination, and monitoring how the respective washing cycles affect my off-grid power and water supply. You see, I lived without a washing machine for four years, so today is special indeed. Continue reading Clean Energy, Clean Water & Clean Clothes

I’m Walking & The Chooks Are Fine, Too

It is winter, we had a few cold nights, many beautiful, crisp, sunny mornings and some inclement, windy days. Not much rain, all in all quite comfortable. I’m sleeping well, about nine hours a day, it is quiet and I walk a lot. Well, more than usual any way.

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Lazy Friday, Saturday & Sunday on BENIsLAND

So I’ve been home since two weeks and haven’t been up to much other than co-managing the holiday programme for the Island kids. As usual, I learned a few things. The most important bit; if you like youth to participate, sometimes it is wiser to ask them to come and help out rather than just asking them to join.

In addition, I learned the trivial meanings of mini-beasts, mandala art and harakeke. The latter is the Māori word for New Zealand flax, and you can weave heaps of stuff out of this resource.

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Back Home On BENIsLAND

After an extensive and very comfortable holiday, I’m back on BENIsLAND. It is the middle of winter and quite cold some nights. Three degrees Celsius last night; this is what we call a cold snap.  But hey, all good here, I’ve got plenty of firewood and the days are clear and sunny. I don’t think it rained much while I was away, the track is not muddy and the house site looks good as well.

The animals are all happy, good to see that the cat and the chooks are still here. I had built respective automatic feeder contraptions and am happy things went well. However, the way Momo acts, he must have thought I would never come back… Rani is fine too, she was looked after by a neighbour. Continue reading Back Home On BENIsLAND

Going For A Night Walk – Tryphena Beaches by Night

After a week of gusty winds and other turbulent conditions, a window of opportunity opened up on Friday. As it is often the case and as it kinda should be, the weather gods were kind on the first of May and granted us a sunny day with a clear sky and not even a breeze. A very quiet day…

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The Easter Holidays are finally over, and I need a bit of a break. Yupp that’s it, I need a break. Today, another chook died, Dad has his theories as to why… Yesterday, we went for a 5 hour bush-hike through the backyard and I just don’t have the head-space at the moment to write. I should take pictures of the new chook pen and the seven beautiful and cute chicken. I’ll do that later…

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