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A Special Big Snapper

Roughly a month after our last fishing adventure (the best snapper fishing we’ve experienced so far), Sinclair and I hit another remote ledge on the Barrier. We met at 1430 and headed to the south of the Island. After about 45 min. of hiking we reached a small bay and rock-hopped for another 15 minutes to get to a ledge. The conditions were good, if not great and our timing turned out to be rather perfect. Low tide was at 1730, and we had baits in the water at about 1600. There was a small breeze, the sea calm, the sky overcast, the views outstanding and even the birds left us alone.

The full article including high-resolution photos is available for free on my fishing blog. Click on the following photo to be lined to the article.

What did I catch, click on this photo to read the full article.
What did I catch, click on this photo to read the full article.

Words On Food & Eating Habits

When it comes to food, a few things have changed since I moved to the Barrier. The most obvious ones are that I spend less money on food and that the time spent in the (grocery) shop has decreased considerably. Stonewall Store, where I exclusively buy my goods, is in comparison to a supermarket rather tiny, yet it has a great selection and variety of foods and alcoholic drinks. I’m really fortunate to live close to the heart of Tryphena, the biggest settlement on the Island, where Stonewall – the best store on the Barrier (biggest variety, best price, best staff, open 7 days a week) – is located.

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Relaxing Start into the Year 2016

Dear friend,

             life is easy and comfortable on beniSland. I have been rather lazy in the last three weeks, often having to check what day it is. I don’t do much, attend to the gardens (not good this year) and animals, go for walks in the backyard, read about my hobbies, do a couple stretches and cook yummy food.

I’m happy and also pissed off.

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My Chicken Farm

Happy New Year to you and my best wishes for 2016. It’s has been pouring rain heavily for the last 10 hours here on the Barrier, accompanied by cold, northerly gusts. Quite an ugly start into the new year weather-wise, but it’s All Good.

Today, I wanted to post a couple photos of my little chicken farm and setup. There are two chook pens, the new one was established only weeks ago and has an area of about 40 square meters. A few days ago, I managed to get all the chicken together into the new pen. There are 13 hens, 1 rooster and 14 chicks.

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Save Money – Bake Bread With Solar Power

There are a number of reasons why people consider living off the grid. Where I live (Great Barrier Island, NZL), there is no grid. No reticulated electricity nor water. If you want to live here, you have no other choice than living off-grid. For ecological and economical reasons, it makes sense to establish a power system for your home that is based on renewables like solar, wind and hydro.

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What I’ve Learned From Raising Chickens

For about two years I’ve been hearing my unusually big rooster crow, often hours before sunrise. I feed him well, look after him and enjoy his company, but after an unsuccessful year of raising chicken, thoughts of silencing him have crossed my mind. This year, I had a new plan and, once again, had put my hopes into this massive rooster.

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Killing & Butchering a Pig – How It’s Done Without A Gun

A week ago, Hellmut the pig saw his last morning. I had no intentions of keeping him as a pet and the time had come to kill and butcher him. This was not something I had done before, so I was glad that one of the local Barrier boys was keen to help out. Here is a recap of what turned out to be a quick and clean job with photos and thoughts on the experience.

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What I’ve Learned From Killing Chicken

Last Saturday was B-Day; time to butcher a couple roosters. I reckoned three roosters to five minus one* hens is not a good balance, and decided that the two new ones shall end up in a big boil up (*because one of the hens is like Houdini and therefore roams freely). Naturally, I grabbed a stick, a net, a pair of gloves, some food and went at it.

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Pictures Of The Week 41

I got back from a multi-day youth camp today. Going through the pictures and memories from the last weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to provide you with images that reflect what I was up to lately. I’ll write respective articles soon.

For my fishing friends, I have only been out twice in the last 5-6 weeks. Both times, catching a feed was challenging, but I prevailed and succeeded. Two days ago, I was standing on the rocks of Harataonga Beach, half-naked, fully soaked by the splash of the waves, looking at Motu Rakitu with no other person in sight; battling the splash and wind at dusk, fishing in about 1.5 meters of water in anticipation of that fish, I had no doubt that what I was am engaged in is art.

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