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E-Mountain Bike

Friday morning, Tryphena, Great Barrier Island, the sun is shining, good music on the stereo, I’m having a look at the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme thinking: will I bother opening up a can of worms on a ‘Muslim Friday’?, it’s going to be a good and interesting day, I’m going to take it easy, it’s going to rain, that’s the plan for today.


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Wharf to Wharf 2011 – Great Barrier Island

Yesterday was the big day, the long anticipated Wharf to Wharf Marathon 2011 from Port FitzRoy to Tryphena, Great Barrier Island. Two mates and myself decided more or less independently from each other to participate in this year’s race. The Wharf to Wharf Marathon  is an annual event and you can complete the 42-somewhat kilometers on the bike, run or walk it. The first half of the course traverses through hilly, rugged forests with a couple of river crossing, plus some awesome single-track along the ridges with astonishing views and the second half is mainly on asphalt but still hilly.

Altitude diagram of the Wharf to Wharf Marathon

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