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Caught Bait; Can I Catch Fish???

Another superb winter day, a bit crisp to start with, a lot of sun with some southerly breezes. As planned, I went down to the beach at high tide (big tides at the moment with a strong flow…), down to the river mouth. The wind was blowing right at me, and it is a very shallow, stony beach. I gave it a try, but went on to the point between the two beaches at Puriri Bay.

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GBI Sports & Social Club Fishing Competition 5-6 Aug

I have planted some hundred or so seeds, fingers crossed that they will germinate. There is a fishing competition on Great Barrier Island scheduled for this weekend, and I am participating. One could perhaps even go as far and say that I will be fishing/going for the championship…  Continue reading GBI Sports & Social Club Fishing Competition 5-6 Aug

Some Fishing, Some Pics, an Update

I got up this morning around 0600 and had plans to go fishing. However, the place is still a mess, things are disorganized and lying on the ground. You put something down, you turn around and it is gone. Frustrating at times… So yeah, after 20 minutes of looking for my gear I decided not to go fishing and to tidy up the place instead. Besides, it is a bit hard going at the moment without a car, and my neighbor gave me some home made sausages yesterday; don’t need any fish for eating today. Continue reading Some Fishing, Some Pics, an Update

My First Visit to Great Barrier Island

While awaiting the delivery of some tools and building equipment here in Auckland, I thought I share a story about my first visit to Great Barrier Island (Motu Aotea in Te Reo Maori). After all, it was this trip which I took around the Christmas time back in 2008 that made me think about what it would be like to live on Aotea and whether it would be a worthwhile option for me. It all started with me wanting to have some time off and wanting to ‘go away’ for a couple of weeks.   Continue reading My First Visit to Great Barrier Island

Landbased in Tawharanui

Took my mate Tim fishing in early March. We drove to Tawharanui peninsular which is about an hour drive from Albany and is one of Auckland’s many Regional Parks. Tim is a young, aspiring scientist from Cologne, Germany and is making the most out of his visit to New Zealand. Within a space of 2 months after arrival, he’s been to the Coromandel and Great Barrier Island. I’ve been fishing this specific spot for a while now; it is pretty much always productive with some action from Kahawai and the odd snapper. We hiked from the main car park for about an hour, walking over the hills to the trig and through the bush to the cliffs around Takatu Point, which marks the tip of the peninsular. Continue reading Landbased in Tawharanui