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Kingfish Off The Rocks VIII

On our last rockfishing session for the year, Paul and I landed another kingfish. I was hoping to catch a 40+ pound kingi and things went really well to start with. About half an hour before low tide, I got a strike far out, my live-baited kahawai got taken, however, even with a quarter of drag, I just did not feel any fish at the end of the line. It turned out to be a rat (a small kingi) and we released it. Check out the full article, with tips and trick and great pictures at

Kingfish Off The Rocks VII

On a lighter note, Paul and I hooked into kingfish on Saturday and Sunday. Two memorable fishing days really, we finally saw good fishing action and landed the targeted species. A write-up with great pictures is available on my fishing blog (

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The Great Barrier Island Rockfishing Blog

My new blog,, is solely dedicated to Rockfishing on the Barrier. Check out my stories, detailed articles, the how to section, images and recipes. Tell me what you think. My short-term goal is to share experiences with other landbased enthusiasts, and to publish informative articles that are both entertaining and helpful. Continue reading The Great Barrier Island Rockfishing Blog

Bad Fishing – When Things Don’t Go According To Plan

We experienced quite difficult and unproductive fishing last Sunday on the East Coast. Well, the fish were certainly there somewhere, but we just didn’t hook them. We had an early start, had squid and pilchards for bait and a bag of burley. I had my kingi gear and the plan was to arrest a couple snapper and have a go at targeting her majesty.

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Land Based Fishing Can Be So Easy – Great Barrier Island

Last week I took my enthusiastic German visitor/woofer fishing off the rocks in Tryphena. Marius, who has just finished school, is also a keen fisherman and of course he has come to the right place and person to experience first hand how we fish here in New Zealand.

It wasn’t necessarily the best day for it, low tide was in the middle of the day, the wind was not favourable either but I decided that we’ll have a good chance of arresting some fish for dinner at one of my regular spots.

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Big Snapper Off The Rocks X – The 20 Pounder

Sunday morning, 0630, Great Barrier Island, Tryphena. While the rooster is crowing, I’m putting pre-tied rigs into my fishing pack and am getting ready to head out. My plan is simple but sound. It is a calm day, slightly overcast, a northerly wind will develop later in the morning, low tide is at 0930 and while most are still in their beds, Rani – the fishing dog – and I are about to embark on a land-based fishing adventure.

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Rockfishing – Coming Home Empty-Handed

I’ve been too busy for a relatively long time. Physically and mentally exhausted. So much indeed that I completely forgot about Labour Weekend.  In spite of really wanting to sit down and doing nothing for a at least a day, I went for a fish with my mate. We talked briefly about our plans when I saw him at the airport, and as we were discussing ideas of going to two new areas neither of us had fished before, he casually mentioned that we could of course go to another spot, where kingfish had been sited recently. Hmm, why not just go where his majesty has been sited and have a go?

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Great Barrier Island – The Best Fishing Spots

Over the years I have received plenty positive feedback from enthusiastic land-based anglers in regards to my blog articles about fishing on Great Barrier Island. Thanks for that! I am always glad to get feedback and don’t only reply to all messages, but try my best to assist those who are about to making their way to Aotea by answering questions and providing suggestions.  In this article, I like to write about something that has been on my mind for a while. Namely, where the best land-based fishing spots are on Great Barrier Island. Continue reading Great Barrier Island – The Best Fishing Spots

Big Snapper Off The Rocks IX – The Burley Trick

I was feeling energetic walking along the coast with the fishing pack on the back, the rods in one hand and the bucket with bait and burley in the other. It was Sunday morning, about 10 o’clock, and the
plan was to arrest a few fish for dinner. I was so eager about this rockfishing mission that I even took the live-bait rod. The plan was to burley hard, catch a decent snapper and send a live bait out under a balloon before low tide at 12 o’clock.

Conditions seemed great, the sky was overcast, the wind variable and the sea slight. As I was walking up and down those big boulders, telling Rani for the x-th time to either go ahead or behind me, I was thinking of the last times I fished this spot. Mateo and I hooked into big snapper effortlessly, and I was wondering what this day might bring.

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