Can’t Find The Fish

The weather has been really good for a while now, no wind, sunny and warm, and I went out for a fish off the rocks twice, but as the title implies I didn’t catch anything. On Friday morning I was standing on a massive ledge on the east coast (Oruawharo Bay) and had a bait in the water by 8 o’clock.

The sea was smooth, everything was calm and the water in front of me was around 15 m deep – just dropping off the long ledge – according to the chart.

Smooth seas and deep water
Looks like a spot with heaps of potential. Big easterly swells roll in here usually and the water is around 15 m deep just off the rocks.


Access to the ledge is pretty good, when considering the tides and conditions; you don't want to climb down.

I caught two small kahawai and had a go at live baiting for a brief while, but nothing was happening, no big takes, nothing visible, just got many snags and lost a bit of tackle on the big rod, and caught one hiwihiwi after another on the small rod. Even the kahawai head on 6/0 hooks casted out far didn’t attract a snapper. Instead I had to deal with him…

A big, slimy moray that ate a whole kahawai head.

I fished the incoming tide for 3 hours before packing in and walking back. It turned out that I could have fished for another hour without getting wet feet on the way back, but it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.

Looking south in Oruawharo Bay.

Today, I went for a quick fish in Puriri Bay a couple of kilometers down the road from home. I fished a shallow area for 2 and a half hours and waited in vain for that solid take. Nothing too exciting happened.

At the end of Puriri Bay. Shallow and patched with foul.

There was a lot of kina and since I was fishing the incoming tide, I was able to gather a few without getting wet feet. I crunched them up, eating the roes and scattering the juices and the rest into the water to attract fish.

A tiny white fleck, almost in the center of this picture, marks the roof of my little A-frame.
Turned out to be quite a nice picture too. Kina in a bucket.
The roes are very tasty. They have got a lemony tang and are often creamy.

So yeah, a bummer really. I’m sitting here by the fire place, enjoying the last of the views and daylight; a baked snapper or kahawai would have been the right kind of dinner. I suppose it’ll be rice tonight, or maybe noodles…




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  1. Dude, I’ve been debugging an image library remotely on an AIX 5.3 system for days now, but although it’s warm here in Austria, the office view ain’t like the hauraki gulf & co. Cheers

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