BENIsLAND, Statistics for 2012

One of the many goals for 2013 is to publish more frequently useful and interesting material about my life on Great Barrier Island and thoughts and views in general. In addition, I want to give the site more structure and start linking to content from other bloggers and websites. This will not only keep me busier but also increase traffic, which I intend to double in 2013. In the following some facts and numbers about

December 2012 was the best month in terms of traffic, with 1040 unique visitors, 2810 number of visits and 13651 page views. On average, 90.65 people visited the site daily with a visit duration of just above 9 minutes. The statistics for the year 2012 are 7296 unique visitors, 17091 number of visits and 84306 page views.

As always, comments and suggestions are very welcome, just contact me. To all regulars and visitors to, thanks for tuning in, your support, suggestions and feedback, and wishing you a happy 2013.


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