Benisland Has Come To An End

Hello, I started blogging about my life and Island life right after moving to Great Barrier Island in June 2011. Almost 6 years later, I can say that I enjoyed and in a way needed to have a blog like benisland. Thanks to all readers and supporters over the years.

Why End?

It hasn’t really, my online presence and what I want to convey has just changed and I will not update this site any more. In other words, I’m doing something different, it is the next step, I’m happy and excited about it.

Great Barrier Photography

I invite you to follow my work and life on my new website titled Great Barrier Photography ( Here, I document Aotea photographically, my photos are available to view for free in fullHD, most photos are available as direct, royalty-free downloads and prints and other services are also available.

That’s it folks, thanks Ben

Cheers, Ben Island

2 thoughts on “Benisland Has Come To An End”

  1. Sad to hear it Ben, I really enjoyed reading about your GBI fishing experiences over the years. Best of luck for your new endeavor.

    1. Thanks Geoff. A bit sad, but these things live of content and new material, which I haven’t created for a while now. The best fishing stories should remain for a year or so on , I might even make a little e-book about those experiences. At this stage, I’m not that keen on fishing, especially on writing about it. I’d rather follow a keen fisho and take photos. So yeah, let’s see, how things pan out. Cheers and best wishes, Ben

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