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My first blog entry on was in May 2011, a few days before I moved to Great Barrier Island to start a new life. It is coincidental but also fitting that I just installed a new theme and look. I am very content to have chosen WordPress as the Content Management Software platform for my blog. The three main reasons being:

    • Looks great
    • Easy to administer
    • Continues to get better

There is not a single line of coding from me on this blog and I’m proud of that, as I never was patient enough to program.

I thank my mate Gary, who is still hosting this blog and put me on the right track from the start. I thank my regular readers, especially those who take the time to make comments, and all of you who have contacted me in one way or another over the years, and congratulated and/or supported me.

Living on the Barrier and blogging go hand in hand for me. Writing has great value for my life. It is a creative tool to increase and improve  abilities, it is a form of relaxation and the sharing aspect of it establishes – even if not classically apparent – a form of socializing. I just don’t feel isolated, alone or far away when I write my articles.

My main goal for 2014 for BENIsLAND is to publish e-books about land based fishing, building a cabin and living off grid in general. It will take time, and I do feel as if lagging behind all the time, but the good thing is that I know that things will be ALL GOOD.


2 thoughts on “BENIsLAND – Great Barrier Island Blog”

    1. Cheers mate. Unfortunately, some plugins do not work as they should and there are a few minor problems, but I’m still stoked with wordpress and how easy it is to manage and administer. Fishing was great mate, it’s getting a bit easier for me to land the bigger ones,
      and it is always awesome fishing with a like-minded person who doesn’t have much experience rockfishing in NZ. I had to remind him that
      it won’t be like all the time… hehe

      Cheers JK.

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