(Barely) Caught a Feed

I just got the fire going inside, it is warm and cozy and soon I’ll be cooking dinner. The weather gods have been mild lately, for the last 10 or so days, there was no significant wind around my place, hardly any rain… Yeah, really enjoyable I have to say. The forecast was good for this weekend, too, and I was eager to go out there and do things. I went for a fish off the rocks yesterday in Schooner Bay. 

Many good snapper have been caught lately in Tryphena harbor. My plan was to go to the far point on the southern side of the bay, but by the time I got there, I wondered if I can take the easy route and still catch some fish. The easy route meant to hike for only about 10 minutes instead of an hour or so. In retrospect, I should have gone to the far point. That spot just has a lot more potential, especially when you are fishing in the middle of the day.

Anyway, there I was, standing on a ledge, hardly any wind and I felt good. Being out there, fishing off the rocks; oooh yeah. It was very quiet however. Nothing for the first hour or so, I kept burleying and hoping.

Should have walked to the far point on the left side, instead I was fishing off the point on the right.
I had two baits out. Increasing, sometimes decreasing the chances of landing a fish.

There was a lot of foul right in front which turned out to be a problem, fishing with two rods at the same time. I had on two occasions bites on both baits, both reels starting to give out line. Since it was so quiet and there was no sign of any bait fish or any fish for that matter, I was startled for a moment, not knowing which rod to take. By the time I decided, both fish had run me into the weeds. I put the reels in free-spool and waited. Fortunately, one of the fish managed to free itself and I landed that one. The other was lost. The same thing happened one more time, but I lost both fish, albeit reacting faster. Had another hookup and fought the fish out of the kelp, got it close in, just close enough to see that it was a trevally, before I pulled the hook out of its mouth and saw it swimming away calmly… Well, that was a bit of a F***-up, I thought to myself.

The fishing action did not increase and Rani and I walked back to the car with only one little snapper. It tasted good though.

Turned out to be the only fish I landed that day. Lots of work for just a fish, but it was worth it.

The plan for today was to go hiking around windy canyon, but although I haven’t done anything significant, I was busy all day. First on the phone, then cleaning up inside, then going for a rubbish run, getting a few goods from the store, organizing some fire wood, spending some time with Rani and boooom it is 1700 o’clock…

Other than that I’m keeping well and busy with work. Doing 40+ hours at the moment, which is good. Time flies by quickly.

Here are a few more pictures from some places on BENIsLAND; have a good Sunday.

Rani in her favorite spot.
Into the bush...
I enjoy walking 'aimlessly' through the bush, spending some time with the dirt and trees...
Views of Tryphena wharf from a tree.
A bit cliché, I know...

2 thoughts on “(Barely) Caught a Feed”

  1. Hey Benny. Weather looks more settled now. You should know better than to fish the easy spots! Still at least you got one. And I’m glad to see the place is looking as tidy as ever! You keep up the good work, Paul xxxxx

    1. Hey mate, the entire site is tidy as! Well, that is kind of important to me… Went fishing the harbor with the dinghy the other day and actually caught some better snapper. Unfortunately, I
      didn’t manage to get the dinghy all the way up with the quad. Got stuck at the steep bit of my driveway and it took me a while to back the quad and boat back without any brakes… A bit
      scary at times. Got a bit more to do tomorrow but then I’ll have a hose with clean water at the bottom of my drive way and can leave and clean the dinghy there. Stay tuned to see whether
      I catch a bit more using me dinghy… Cheers, B.

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