Back on the Island

I’m back on Great Barrier Island, after taking my damaged car to Auckland for repairs. I left it with my insurance company and suppose it will take 1-2 weeks until it is repaired. The forecast for the weekend was sunny and dry – good conditions to get some work done in and around the rundown A-Frame I am camping in at the moment – and I thought it will be worthwhile to fly back as soon as I can. Flying to the Island takes around 30 minutes. My flight with Great Barrier Island Airlines was scheduled for Saturday. I had a bad gut feeling that something went wrong when I booked it, and indeed I did a mistake. Great Barrier Island Airlines departs from the domestic airport in Auckland and from the North Shore Airfield. While waiting in the cold outside the closed office at North Shore Airfield it hit me, and suddenly I wasn’t sure whether I booked the right flight. It turned out that I didn’t… Kind of funny, as if the conditions were not difficult enough, I keep making my life unnecessarily more complicated.

As a result I had to spend another night in Auckland and took the next available flight this Sunday morning. Here’s a picture of the plane and one of the airfield at Claris (there are two airfields on Great Barrier Island, one in Claris and the other in Okiwi).


Claris Airport
Got picked up from the airport in this. Nice trucks the Landcruisers.


So what have I done so far and what’s going to happen next week? I have cleared a couple of small areas, the house site has been neglected for a couple of years and it is quite hard going, and dug out the drains around the A-Frame (I will post pictures of it soon, it is in very poor condition at the moment…). I need to finalize that so that water caught off the roof can run off, at the moment it leans onto the building on one side, and hence it is muddy and wet inside. There is quite a lot to do and the rain and cold doesn’t make it any easier.

Starting tomorrow, I will be doing some laboring work. A house of a friend is being renovated and there are windows, doors and other useful things that will be replaced. I have been offered to take what I can use and a 4×4 truck for transport to my site, and in return I will laboring for the upcoming week. Although the timing is not perfect, I don’t have a car and have to go with my MTB bike and being winter I won’t have many day hours left to do progress with the A-Frame. But I need building material and this opportunity gives me the chance to meet other people and might lead to other jobs in the future.

My mobile Internet is sorted now, although I still have really bad signal strength when it is raining and hauling, but at least my modem is now working with Ubuntu 10.04.

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