Back Home On BENIsLAND

After an extensive and very comfortable holiday, I’m back on BENIsLAND. It is the middle of winter and quite cold some nights. Three degrees Celsius last night; this is what we call a cold snap.  But hey, all good here, I’ve got plenty of firewood and the days are clear and sunny. I don’t think it rained much while I was away, the track is not muddy and the house site looks good as well.

The animals are all happy, good to see that the cat and the chooks are still here. I had built respective automatic feeder contraptions and am happy things went well. However, the way Momo acts, he must have thought I would never come back… Rani is fine too, she was looked after by a neighbour.Since the quad is challenging to start on cold days plus the fact that a wheel bearing seems faulty, I’m doing what the old Maoris used to do; Walk. It’s about 25 minutes to work and 35 minutes back, and unless I’ve forgotten something, or carry heavy stuff back up, very enjoyable.

Looking around the site and considering the projects, some of tedious nature, that require completion, I feel a stark sense of contrast to the last month in Europe. Man, was I lazy over there, eating, drinking, sleeping, abusing the flat-rate internet and being treated like a V.L.P. by family and friends. THANKS!

In the following a couple photos from the vicinity of Neuenkirchen, and I will upload more photos later today on – hopefully, I’ll find the time and head-space to share some of my experiences, too.

Neuenkirchen bei Rheine [Germany]
Neuenkirchen bei Rheine [Germany]; where my parents live.
Quite a nice shot I think.
Quite a nice shot I think.

2 thoughts on “Back Home On BENIsLAND”

  1. Oh what, you are already back home?! You should have stopped by when you were in AKL. Any trips soon? Amaaaaaazing shots btw.!

    1. Hey lovely Susan, I would have called in but only stayed a few hours in the airport before flying to the Barrier. Hope to come and see yous some time in the winter. Cheers, Ben

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