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I’ve been away from BENIsLAND for a few days, had to go to town (Auckland) to finalize and update my immigration status. Happy to announce that I’m done and through with it, now I can, for the rest of my life, without any conditions, live and work in New Zealand. There are two very common misconceptions when it comes to the various New Zealand Immigration schemes and stati.

i) people wait too long for applying for schemes that allow them to stay in New Zealand permanently or indefinitely. Governments and rules change, you might not be eligible to apply in the future. As a migrant you don’t necessarily know if you want to live in New Zealand indefinitely, that is correct, however, you can only chose once you have obtained such a right.

ii) you will constantly hear the opinions and understandings of other people about a certain immigrations status. As usual, there are misunderstandings and people will tell you stuff like a permanent residency permit is not permanent, or that you have to be New Zealand a citizen, otherwise you will lose your rights to stay and work in New Zealand if you leave the country for a certain period of time. Believe me, read the conditions and documents from New Zealand Immigration yourself, if you don’t fully understand them, ask a professional. Don’t let the opinions and misconceptions of others reduce your motivation for taking the necessary steps to securing a right to live here. Think about your future, how can you know where you want to live in 20 years? Wouldn’t it be great when New Zealand would be at least an option?

Anyway, I am stoked to be back on BENIsLAND, the ferry trips were longish and slightly exhausting, Rani has been sleeping since we’re back. She had a big time in town, meeting 6 other dogs… When we arrived in Tryphena, I really rushed home, looking forward to my own place, as primitive as it may seem, and to having my own time. Sounds crazy, is perhaps a bit crazy, but it is these little things that give me a satisfying feeling of contentment.

Being in town, I realized once again how great it is  when you have a few things and certain ‘luxuries’. Things like an oven, a proper shower, fast internet connection, a clean house with a carpet and the list goes on. I’ve been back for a couple of days but was unable to connect to the internet, due to bad mobile reception.

Looking forward to fishing off the rocks soon (hopefully tomorrow), I’ve got some new hooks, line and leader, and I’m keen on a feed of fresh fish.

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  1. Hi mate. Luxuries? You have a proper shower, in a rustic sense, but you also have the true luxury of a bath you can light a fire under and a view to go with it – beats most bathrooms. Your house would be clean if you cleaned it! And it has got a carpet! An oven would be nice I guess but you can pot roast stuff almost as well – I’d suggest a fridge/freezer would be a luxury!!!!! In fact not a luxury but a virtual necessity, I don’t know how you’ve coped without one. And a washing machine, man then you’d be living! Paul xxxxx

    1. Hehe, that’s funny, but yeah, I could clean up more. It’s just so small and thus always at least cramped… The good thing about an oven is that you can do other stuff while you’re cooking, yeah, I suppose you can pot roast, or even much better have a cast iron container with a solid lid that can be bolted on, then I could just dump the closed-system into the fire.

      You’re right, a washing machine and a small freezer would make things more comfortable. I really hate having to buy bait and having to, often enough, buy it a day before an early morning fishing mission, and always compromising on amount due to price. I could catch my own bait and make my own burley and freeze it. Salting down is an alternative and I should really go on a couple of wharf missions catching piper and salting them down, but it’s not the same as frozen bait with all the juices. I would need to invest in a decent set of deep-cycle batteries first though, then I could also power a proper vacuum…

      I realize now, more than ever, how little money you need to buy yourself independence and actually a bit more freedom.

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