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Benisland Has Come To An End

Hello, I started blogging about my life and Island life right after moving to Great Barrier Island in June 2011. Almost 6 years later, I can say that I enjoyed and in a way needed to have a blog like benisland. Thanks to all readers and supporters over the years.

Why End?

It hasn’t really, my online presence and what I want to convey has just changed and I will not update this site any more. In other words, I’m doing something different, it is the next step, I’m happy and excited about it.

Great Barrier Photography

I invite you to follow my work and life on my new website titled Great Barrier Photography ( Here, I document Aotea photographically, my photos are available to view for free in fullHD, most photos are available as direct, royalty-free downloads and prints and other services are also available.

That’s it folks, thanks Ben

Cheers, Ben Island

Simple Off Grid Home

I made a short video using the photos taken during the building process of my small, off-grid home. All the materials were brought onto site using a quad and the major tools used were: hammer, nails, circular saw, protractor, calculator, tape measure, theodolite and a level. I certainly learned how to hammer a nail in.

After building the foundation, I spread the word that I need someone to help me with building the rest. A dream came true when a seasoned man showed up on beniSland, a very experienced builder, man of god and good friend. He taught me how to build and when times were stressful or confusing, he just smiled and we moved on.

The music (Persian march) is by Johann Strauss Jr.

Rockfishing With My Dad

Having my dad over for a visit is great. It is his first time on beniSland and one thing I wanted to make sure of was that his first rockfishing mission on the Barrier would be a success. Partly because I want him to land and eat decent fish, but …

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Important Changes to BENIsLAND(.com)(.de)

[Access to my blog will be soon only via, and will be used otherwise. ]

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by your projects and commitments? You engage into a new committed project, don’t you?

Not necessarily the best approach, but since the launch of this blog I’ve been reading about how to monetize the stuff I do on BENIsLAND. In such a way that I don’t feel ashamed about my actions, and continue gaining more readers. It seems, no matter what I read, that successful bloggers make tens of thousands of dollars per week passively via affiliated marketing and that it is easy to do.

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Island Paradise – Live For Free On Great Barrier

Ever dreamt of living on an Island far away for more than a mere holiday? Taking it easy on a secluded, beautiful, golden beach, reconnecting with nature, enjoying and acknowledging the moment, and finding the right time, space and surroundings to plan your next move in life.

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Big Snapper Off The Rocks VIII

What a beautiful morning to get out there and do some serious rockfishing.
What a beautiful morning to get out there and do some serious land based fishing.

A successful fishing mission usually starts out with a solid plan, and while I was waiting for Mateo and watching the sun rise over Medland’s Beach on a beautiful morning on Great Barrier Island I anticipated that we were in for a treat today. Mateo had contacted me through BENIsLAND a few days earlier and since he seemed very keen (about fishing) and was heading to the Barrier, we arranged to hook up and go for a serious fish off the rocks.

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BENIsLAND – Great Barrier Island Blog

My first blog entry on was in May 2011, a few days before I moved to Great Barrier Island to start a new life. It is coincidental but also fitting that I just installed a new theme and look. I am very content to have chosen WordPress as the Content Management Software platform for my blog. The three main reasons being:

  • Looks great
  • Easy to administer
  • Continues to get better

There is not a single line of coding from me on this blog and I’m proud of that, as I never was patient enough to program.

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