ATV, Fishing and Smoking Recipe

There are some cold, stormy south-westerlies building up here at the moment, it even hailed for moment. But it must be worse in other parts of New Zealand. On Thursday, I purchased a 4×4 All Terrain Vehicle (ATV or Quad), I took it out for a spin perhaps 2 weeks ago and noticed that it required some mechanical work. That has been completed now; she still needs some TLC but nothing major. 

I’ve been up and down the drive way with it a few times now, of course it is heaps of fun but it also means that I’ve got much better access to and from the property. It is a Honda from the late 80s or so, with a semi automatic transmission and a 281 ccm four-stroke engine. On Friday, after a joy ride on the main roads, I packed some fishing gear and went for a quick dawn fish at the light house in Tryphena.

She's got good tyres and is even a mean looker. Still needs some tender love and care, especially the entire break system.
A bucket with salted bait, some tackle, a couple of reels, rods and a net. Time to go for a fish.

Here are some pictures from Puriri and Schooner Bay. 

At the end of Puriri Bay road. Note the house boat.
One side of Schooner Bay, Tryphena.
And the other side of Schooner Bay.

The tide was almost fully in, the sun was going down and my idea was to quickly fish off the rocks of the light house at the entrance of Tryphena harbour. I fished for 2 hours, the sea was smooth, the sky was clear and it was a night away from full moon. However, it was also a bit nippy and I didn’t have any big takes or many bites. It started with a first for me, a fish I had not caught before, I wasn’t even sure what it was. It looked a bit like a cod, but was red and pink. Maybe half an hour later a little pan sized snapper and I called it a day. According to the book it was clearly a red cod that I had caught, average size 40-70cm (this one was 48) and apparently they live in much deeper waters and are good eating. 

Snapper and Red Cod for dinner.

I baked the snapper and smoked the red cod, which I will have tonight. This is how it is done: 

  • Brown sugar
  • Salt
  • Wood chips, saw dust for smoking – I used Manuka saw dust
  • A smoker
  • Heat source

Scale the fish, take the guts out, clean and dry it. Then cover it entirely with brown sugar and afterwards with some salt. I used around 20% salt and 80% sugar, and using a camping cooker to create the smoke, smoke the fish for around 30 to 60 min (depending on the size of the fish).

Red cod covered with brown sugar and some salt. Ready to be smoked for around 45 min.
Smokin' away.
Hot smoked fish.

Smoked fish is best enjoyed when it is cold. Just another way to eat fish and a good way to preserve it for a couple of days. 

4 thoughts on “ATV, Fishing and Smoking Recipe”

  1. Hey buddy, I finally caught up with my reading and your story. Challenging times but ultimately very character building and rewarding. I been smoking fish too but caught from the luxury of a boat. Keep searching out those LBG spots mate because I do intend to pay you a visit next year. Pretty crazy seeing the Coromandel from there, as you said we have looked at the Barrier from there so many times. Will that stream dry up in summer? Do you need a proper water tank installed before then? Keep up the good work, and berley hard, P xx

    1. Hey Paul, good to hear from you! Indeed, these are challenging and great times. I was hoping you’ll come around, the world record kingfish off the rocks has been caught here you know… I hope the stream doesn’t dry up in the summer, I’ve got an old tank here which I need to empty and clean and still gotta work on my drinking water supply. Fingers crossed the stream stays fine…

  2. Good to see you out fishing mate. That 4wd looks a good purchase too – will make getting about much easier!

    How did the cod taste?

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