Another Take on Iran or Making Myself Unpopular; Yet Again…

BENIsLAND is about my life and my views. Today, after a hard day of labor, I really felt the need to write something that has been in my mind for a few weeks. It is of political nature, something you want to avoid in a Blog, as to not affect the potential spectrum of readers. However, those who know me personally, also know that I like to speak my mind, I try not to be offensive, I like to debate and I am controversial and polarizing. So, here goes.


My heart is filled with sadness and I can only curb my rage by acknowledging people’s ignorance. When are we going to stop regarding ignorance as an excuse?

Due to the rhetoric of self-serving politicians who have the audacity to claim who is civilized and who not, their efforts by all means (military terrorism, cyber terrorism, using disinformation as a tool to create fear) to expand their influence and power into the Middle-East in order to control resources, and the fact that we are now used to instantly making up an opinion and taking a side – as if there were only two sides to chose from – based on some shared link on Facebook, once again, in particular the USA, has been able to create a new foe image. Candidates running for presidency already feel the need to state that if they become president, they will attack Iran.

For all you people out there who think that democracy means that you MUST have an opinion about everything, that freedom of speech means that people should be allowed to state what YOU think is right. For all you people talking about what needs to be done to control the Iranian ‘regime’, I ask you, what are your sources of information? When you say that the Iranian president has said this or that, I ask you, do you speak Farsi? How do you know that the translation of this strongly metaphorical language is within context? For all you people out there talking about military intervention in Iran, I ask you, do you even know that Iran is NOT an Arab(ic) country? That in Iran we speak our own language? Do you want to acknowledge that military intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya (to state some recent ones) has not yet, and only the future will show, increased the quality of life for the ordinary people living there? I think that after more years of instability and fighting, Islamists, once again, will gain the people’s trust and will take over the respective countries. For all you people talking about how important it is that free elections are held, that human rights must be adhered to, I ask you, how do you feel about Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, for instance? Have you ever wondered that because Iran doesn’t play ball with the USA they are labeled as being ‘ruled by a regime’ whereas the kingdoms in the above-mentioned Arab countries, who have American military stations, are not regarded as regimes. These kingdoms have a pact with the USA, that allows them to stay in power as long as they ‘play ball’.

For all you people, I wish upon you enlightenment. If that doesn’t happen, I hope one day you, too, will feel my sadness, because you, your kind, your country has been labeled as evil or unfit.

For the record, I’m not a fan of how things are run in Iran, there are a lot of domestic inequalities and hardship enforced upon the citizens. In this context, however, Iran is not unique. I am a fan of debates though and therefore I like to raise the following few questions to ponder about.

  • If, and the war (of terror) in Iraq should have been enough to discredit American intelligence for a few more years, Iran was really building an atomic bomb, is there any way, other than destroying the entire country, to stop them from doing so for good? I mean, yes, there are ways to halt the process momentarily, but entirely?
  • If Iran had atomic bombs, what would they do with them? Is it really probable that they attack Israel for instance? Would that make any sense? By doing so, wouldn’t they doom their entire existence? I mean in such a case, wouldn’t the entire international forces inflict an unforgiving war on them.
  • From a point of self-conservation, of their vast oil and gas resources and of the ever increasing  dominance and threats of the ‘West’ within the Middle-East, shouldn’t the rulers in Iran try whatever they can to keep such influences out of their country? Would the possession of a strong, capable military apparatus and weapons not hinder foreign forces to invade this sovereign territory? Isn’t it really an insurance against invasion? What would you like your country to do to ensure its sovereignty, if other countries kept talking about going to war with you?
  • It is often said, rightly in my opinion, that Iran is trying to increase and expand its influence in the Middle-East by what is regarded as unethical means; well, given the current situation of increased instability caused by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran is suddenly in a greater position to dominate. However, aren’t at least some of the major countries condemning Iran’s foreign policy doing exactly the same?
  • When you sit in a bar and enjoy your beer and casually talk about the importance of intervention in Iran, do you ever think of the women, the children, the innocent citizens there that only want to make a living and provide for their families?
  • Finally, is it so hard to believe (to understand) that war makes some wealthy people wealthier, both directly and indirectly, and that this is the main reason of having a war in the first place.

The other day I met in the hot pools here on Great Barrier Island a few Americans and we had a good chat. Not about politics, it was mainly about sailing. One guy’s name was Cyrus and I told him that I visited the grave of Cyrus the great. He asked me who this Cyrus is and where his grave was. “Perhaps, I should visit his grave too.” he replied. When I told him it is in Iran, he said: “Well, obviously I can’t go there. I’d be shot or something like that, wouldn’t I?” I told him that he would be very surprised to see how well he would be treated in Iran although he’d be an (American) foreigner or tourist, if he adhered to the rules. I believe that he’d be better treated than an Iranian going to the USA on holidays.

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  1. Fully acknowledged! Watching current US election campaigns is just plain frightening. Whoever has so far failed to see that US interventions in the middle east are only about destabilizing the area, in order to gain control over the natural resources and to keep the money-laundry war-machine running, must be blinded by the American rumor mill. Mind you, I know Iranians living in the US who nowadays are warning it wouldn’t be safe to go to Iran. Btw, I’m going in 3 weeks. 🙂

    1. Hi Michael, it will be interesting to see how you see Iran and the Iranians when you are there for the first time. The US election is not frightening, it just repeats itself and people over there seem to ignore (even recent) history. Always the same thing: Manifest Destiny! Jesus loves us more because we are Americans. What amazes me is that they always like to talk about freedom of speech and equality, yet no single member of the administration in the states is a regular American. They are ALL multi-millionaires and it is repeatedly shown that if you want to be an influential American politician, you must be in the right families and ‘incredibly’ rich. In monarchies and kingdoms power is kept within the bloodline, in the States, any person with lots of money can become politically influential.

  2. Hi Behnam,
    since your Blog is in English and a lot of your other friends don’t speak German I’m going to write in English. I haven’t done this for a long so I’m going to make some mistakes. I was thinking about you a lot recently and it has to do with the political climate.
    I still can’t belief the US is going to invade Iran. War has become too expensive for anyone to afford it. I don’t believe Iran is going to use the nuclear program sole for civilian use just as little. It is like China, North Korea, Pakistan, Israel or India: you need the bomb so your mischievous neighbors can not attack you. The very moment Iran would throw the bomb on Israel the whole country is doomed! Since Ahmadinedschad became President the situation is going more out of hand. When Chatami was President Times were more peaceful. Of course I don’t understand what they are saying but I doubt it is right the opposite of what the news are telling. What about the opposition? Rafsanjani has a minor position in the government; Mussawi and Karrubi are under house arrest. When our media says the Persian government consists of religious hardliners I agree and they don’t seem to be eager to bring the country on a more secular way like many Persians want it. What is the meaning of threatening your neighbors (especially Israel)? Getting threatened back and uniting the country! During WWII the Allies had the Idea to bomb Germany until its people turn against the Nazis themselves. But killing people until they become your friends won’t ever work. I see the danger that secular Persians will stand up for the regime when their home will be attacked and this is right the opposite of what I wish for. What is so fascinating about Iran is that it has established the Islam-Republic all the hardliners in other muslim-countrys want to have but no one really want to live in it. People want to live free and they dislike to be told what to do by a bunch of Mullahs and the Guardian Council. And they are willing to risk their life; I still can remember the protests of 2005 an 2009. In my opinion Iran and Turkey are the most progressive States of the Islamic World.
    And of course you are right calling Saudi-Arabia a regime. Our western media has the tendency not to call dictators by their names as long they are on “our side”. I started laughing when Mubarak was called a dictator the first time last spring. All the years before he was titled the President of Egypt, though it was obvious he was a dictator. The western governments are not picky when it comes to their allies. As long they are doing their deeds they are welcome to act as they please. Some other examples? Mobutu, Ben Ali, Pinochet, Saddam (until he turned against Kuwait), Mohammad Reza. It is a long list.

    1. Cheers for your comment Thunder! What I like about Germany is that there are so many young Germans who you can talk to about almost anything. Here in New Zealand people are so much more indifferent and perhaps one could say un-educated. Well, what am I going to respond to your comments? Perhaps a couple of things. a) Iranians do not like to be threatened, Iranians do not back down and the arrogance that is displayed against them is taken very seriously. Seriously is the word, we do actually, still take many things, sometimes this is a problem, very seriously. b) Chatami is terminally ill, thus there are internal struggles. He wants, of course, to hand down the ultimate power to his son (family) and other influential people in parliament are trying to avoid that. c) The US haven’t won a war for a long time, some actually say, they never won a war, and I hope, and do not think, that they will ever invade Iran. d) We are ALL told what we can do and what not. In some countries the rules are a bit more extensive, maybe one would state they are a bit more ‘obsolete’. And thus, we need to understand that change will always come internally within a country and that foreign influence will not have that effect in the long-term. There is no free society, there is no freedom of speech. If the Iranian people are very unhappy about their situation, they will sort it out eventually. Yes, Mubarak is a good example. almost 1 year has passed since the so-called Arab-Spring. Let’s wait a few more years and see what happens in Egypt. I certainly am no expert and can’t provide any solutions. I’m just astonished to see that the obvious is not so obvious to so man people.

  3. Hi Ben,
    it is so nice finally to hear a view ponit of a person with a common sense. In this hoopla that is created by western countries especially u.s by anf under influense of jewsh owned media about Iran.
    I lived in U.S for 35 years and just recently got back to my homeland. the problem with the west population, maybe more so state is they listen whole hearly to fabricated news of media and act upon it.
    For an example this morning was an article in yahoo quoting defense minister of Iran, if Iran gets attacked by Israel or any other country we will respond very harshly. It was laughable to read comments followed by this article. they all were saying we should or Israel should nuke Iran. Iran never said we are going to attack any country.
    Another problem is they are so uneducated about middle east, especially Iran. once i wrote a comment about one of these articles to respond to bunch of moran comments “saying why don’t you read about world history or history about Israel, palastine and surrounding countries to find out who is the aggressor?
    I don’t recall when was the last time Iran attacked any country, but look at Israel and U.S…… that would be a lesson to learn.

    1. Cheers Rahim. Unfortunately, your comment ended up in my spam folder… It is really a shame that people tend to take on very strong opinions on things that affect other people’s life but never were in a position to form an informed opinion.

  4. I like your blog a lot Ben. This blog entry reminds me how much I miss talking to you having a beer and nice food in front of me. So I decided to leave this comment today 😉 I wish I could visit you to spend quality time on “benisland” having a debate with you about politics, sociology and the greate variations of culture and mentality on our planet. Take care and enjoy the summer in NZ!

    1. Yeah would be good if you were here mate. We’ll talk about some rubbish then, too. You know, I like talking some nonsense as well… hehe Paul is here at the moment and we’re trying to land kingfish. Sighted heaps the last two days, but it has been all hard work as well. I’ll have to take it easy today; sprained my neck. Keep it real Yo, B

  5. Couldn’t agree more with pretty much everything you have said. I have watched the “progress” being made by the west in the middle east under the pretense of security and human rights. It is quite frankly vile and tyrannical and I am ashamed it is being perpetrated by the leaders of what are touted as “Democratic” countries. The extreme view would be of course that “Democracy” is a lie and in fact no matter which party you vote for the results will ultimately be the same. “Democracy” from where I stand is nothing more than an elected dictatorship in which we are simply fed lies and propaganda to justify the (unaccountable) actions of those at the top who stand to gain the most.

    Best I get off the subject lest my blood boil even more than usual xxxxx

  6. Blows me away that when blessed with such effortless gifts as the ability to share a smile, thus imparting a sense of warmth and uplifting… the majority of humans (at their own expense) choose to interact within community dowdy faced or straight out frowning.

    Wrapped up in their own bubble, seemingly unable to open their eyes and acknowledge the beauty and diversity of around them.

    Can we expect these dazed and numb creatures to be stirred with feelings of compassion for the millions of disadvantaged abroad, when they cant even muster up basic human kindness for those immediately around them?

    My heart does indeed ache for these beautiful individuals trapped in areas of war and poverty. Families no different to us in hopes and dreams, in life and love… bar the patch of earth they’re born into.

    Good on you Ben for reminding us all of their plight, at the hands of the great industrialised military complex.

    We are all related and hold an accountability for the wellbeing of each other.

    PS: loving your blog – your lifestyle – and the you!

    1. Hi Natalie, thanks for your well-written comment. I find that the political situation for Iran could be changing soon. Hopefully, the 5+1 Countries and Iran can come to a mutually beneficial agreement, and there is even some indication that the USA might alter its stand in regards to establishing the country of Palestine.

      Thanks, Ben

  7. Do you really believe US will assist in anything beneficial to the middle east?

    Indeed there are wonderful people/organisations within the States whom are genuine in motivation/of heart. Alas, the powers to be, that govern such a mighty nation historically have had their so called ‘good’ intentions proven false time & time again.

    Continued unrest in these countries affords the Anglo-American powers an opportunity to play modern day Robyn Hood, appearing to the outside world as peacekeepers and protectors of the downtrodden, when in fact they strip the rights of citizens to govern themselves whilst lining their own coffers by taking control of natural resources.

    And dare I say the alternatives are just as bleak, turning to any other mighty nations all whom have set agendas.

    Does it simply come down to picking the best of a corrupt of the bunch for now?

    And of course I think not of those just in Iran, but the millions fleeing Iraq, trapped in Syria, right through to those struggling Ukraine and over in Northern Africa.

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