3 More Arrests in Schooner Bay on Sunday

After a successful mission to Schooner Bay last Thursday, where 2 Snapper were arrested and taken in for questioning, I went to the same spot on Sunday to catch another feed. First cast, booom – okay there was no real boom sound – almost instantly I felt a good take, but did not get the hook up. Further casts did not yield anything, no bites, no nothing. But when you know the fish are there, you don’t give up easily do you?

It turns out that there is a ‘hot spot’ within my casting range from the rock I was standing on, when I managed to get my bait into that small area, bites galore; when I didn’t manage, nothing happened. I’m using for this spot a single 6/0 circle hook with an 1/8th ounce of lead on 60 pounds leader as a rig – you can tell that I’m prepared for a bigger fish – on 15 pounds of main line, and put the reel in free-spool and allow the fish to take the bait and to swallow it. It is a bit of a feeling thing, the water is quite shallow, there is a lot of kelp, you give the fish too much line and he drives you into the weeds, giving him to little and you simply rip the bait out of the mouth. Using a circle hook means that once the drag is set in (slowly), the hook will naturally roll back and hook into the mouth area, rather than hooking the fish in the gut. However, when using circle hooks you should not strike, but slowly increase the drag.

I fished from 4.30 p.m. until 6 p.m. and landed three dark, kelpie snapper. the biggest measuring 36 cm.

2 dark snapper in a rock pool. Got a third one on the last cast.

I packed in just before dusk, quad-ed to my friends place and gave him one of the snapper and rode home to start a fire and cook up a feed. In the following my recipe for baked fish.

  • Scale the fish – best with a spoon
  • Take the guts out
  • Wash, dry and put on a couple of layers of tin foil (I use heaps maybe 5-7 sheets)
  • Pour olive oil, soy sauce, fish sauce (turns out to make the difference), grape fruit juice (or lemon or the like) onto the fish
  • Sprinkle salt, pepper and lemon pepper
  • Turn the fish, do the same thing again
  • Then add carrots, onions, garlic and maybe some greens (which I didn’t have)
  • Make sure to fill the gut cavity with all the juices and veges
  • Seal everything with more tin foil and put it onto a fire place or next to a fire
  • 20-30 minutes later, she’s all done
Looks pretty good and it is not even cooked…

I’m going to enjoy the second fish tonight, just got the fire going, however this time I’ll just fry the fillets – covered with flour – in some oil and that’s it.

Another nice surprise was me finding out that a bush-like tree on my site – which I even considered to rip out a few weeks ago – is a guava tree. I’ve found two more, much smaller ones since. Apparently, there are more than one variety of guavas and the ones here are of the strawberry guava ‘species’. They are freaking delicious if you like sour and sweet fruit, would be ideal for making jams and have heaps of vitamin C.

Strawberry guava tree. Rich in vitamin C.
A close up of the fruits. Sour and sweet, I’m a fan…

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