2014 – Great Barrier Island

It is January the first 2014, I’m sitting at my desk, listening to music, enjoying expansive views toward Station Rock, Puriri Bay and to my old home – The A-Frame -, it is raining and, mates, I’m thoroughly enjoying my new desk. To me it is both a reflection of the accomplishments of 2013 and in a sense a platform for future achievements. My circumstances have changed dramatically, I’m aware of it, I’m appreciative, obviously glad and grateful of being able to shape and create my life(style).

My old home, a constant (positive) reminder of how things started out here on the Barrier.
My old home, a constant (positive) reminder of how things started out here on the Barrier. She still has many years in her and will function as kitchen and guest accommodation.

Yes, I moved out of my old home and into my new one. I used to sit with my laptop on my lap and otherwise looking at a hole in the lining, at corroded corrugated iron sheets and the mess which was my floor and dirty dishes in the sink. Now, I don’t even have a sink in the new home (and most likely will put it outside). But seriously, for the last 5 minutes I’ve been thinking of how to put it, I’m just grateful, glad and proud of sitting here now. And one more thing, I’m damn comfortable, too!

My new home
My new home

I’ve been quite busy lately and there is heaps to do, and my experience has showed me that I can remain confident in making steady and effective progress, albeit at a modest pace.

I thank my friends who came out to see me in 2013, thanks goes out also to those who I befriended through BENIsLAND and the blog, and of course to all who read my blog. I vow to spend time at my new desk, being more active on BENIsLAND. More articles, more pictures, more videos, more about Great Barrier Island and perhaps the big project of 2014 can be writing.

I’ve got more pics for you.

Station Rock
Station Rock
There has been lots of activity in Puriri Bay. This is a pic taken on the 31.12.2013
There has been lots of activity in Puriri Bay. This is a pic taken on the 31.12.2013


You might notice that I've taken this picture through a window....
You might notice that I’ve taken this picture through a window….
Some stats for BENIsLAND
Some stats for BENIsLAND

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2 thoughts on “2014 – Great Barrier Island”

  1. Happy New Year Ben! May I wish you continued success and enough peace to get that writing done! Yes you have come a long way in the last two and a half years.

    Not so long ago I re-read a lot of your earlier blogs; mostly the ones where you were getting that A-frame into some sort of useable condition. It’s still a great building, retaining great character and connecting with the history of the site. A bit like the redundant windmill and the piles of rocks everywhere. Anyway I look forward to sharing it with the mosquitos in a couple of months time. Really that’s not so far away now. The Winter here in UK has been very windy and very wet. I hope I don’t bring it with me!

    Paul xxxxx

    1. Happy New Year Paul, cheers bud. Yupp, the A-Frame has housed a variety of people and I hear even stock. I’m in the process of getting my stuff out and eventually giving her a tidy up. She’ll get some TLC this year, too. You’ll be doing some walking if wet, drive way is not looking that good, had a couple of days of massive downpours lately. Quite common to have bad weather around Xmas and New Years in NZ. The perfect windgenerator is for sale here on island 1kW, inverter, charger, it’ll be a good size too, but without energy storage systems in place not that useful. Weather will be good, no worries, B

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