2 Days Fishing

I went to Medland’s Beach on Friday and hiked around the area, looking for a ledge. Went up to the ridge (see picture), saw some mean ones on the other side, but had no access to them. Besides the swell was quite rough. The swell turned out to be a problem all day…

Walked on the ridge on the hills, but couldn’t get down on the other side.
looking down on one side.
And the other side. This is at high tide.

I turned back and decided to give the point on the rock on the next picture a shot. It was around 1100 a.m. and high tide.

The plan was to walk through the water and onto the point of the rock.
This is around noon now, the tide was going out, I walked onto that rock.

However, there was no good place to fish off as the next pictures show. There was a meter swell out there and I reckoned I had to wait for at least 2 more hours until I could do anything.

Could be a decent spot on the right day, access is easy around the side. I decided to head to Awana though.

I decided to head to Awana. Unfortunately, all I did there, was wait for another hour for the tide to go out further, so I could wade through the Awana stream. While waiting around I saw a seal on the land. He was cruising until he saw me and acted all surprised and what not. I waded through the stream, walked for about an hour, but the swell had picked up. Should have seen that it was useless, but I walked up and gave it a shot anyway. So yeah, didn’t really fish much on Friday. Just carried all my gear up and down and across…

The Awana stream.
This is on the other side after a walk. Casted out here for 4-5 times, but it was kind of useless in the swell.
It didn’t get any better, so I just sat around and watched. It was a bit of a long day and a mission to get here; called it a day at 1700. Bugger, pretty bad fishing day…

I got home around 7ish, quite a spectacular but useless day in terms of fishing. The plan for Saturday was to get some bait into the water, and an easy spot is at the lighthouse in Tryphena harbor. Left at dawn, was fishing by 8 a.m. Every thing was quite, almost no wind, didn’t see a soul.

Almost no wind, had two baits out... Fishing finally.
Quiet and calm.
two 6/0 hooks, 60 lbs trace, juicy bait.

About an hour or so later, booom, double whammy. The small baitrunner went off, I had a fish on, didn’t pull much line, felt like a keeper though. Had him up in no time and in the net; finally, some action. Boom, the bigger rod fell over while I was still handling the net. Felt like a snapper, bigger, still couldn’t pull any line but it was all on. Exciting. I got him out and after that, I tried out different baits, a couple of bites here and there, but no takers, the wind had picked up suddenly, the tide was going out. I fished for another 5 hours with both rods, all drags set up hard, waiting for that big one. Didn’t happen though, released a couple more small snapper and took the biggest 3.

The biggest is estimated 4-5 pound. Good eating.


Weigh in was scheduled for 2-4 p.m. on Saturday and I could have just made it, but it was an hour drive and I didn’t really feel like getting home too late. Would have been nice to see who won the comp, but judging on the amount of dinghies and other boats I saw in the harbor, I’m sure some big moochers were caught. I stopped at my mates, gave him a fish and went home to get a fire and a feed going.

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