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7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. H ey Ben,
    Just for your information:
    There is an Android app available for Great Barrier Island, please visit the Google Play Store and search “Great Barrier Island”, or follow the links below, thanks.

    Craig Sugden
    Get it on Google Play
    64 9 4290 912

  2. Hi Ben, awsum way to get a healthy lifestyle. We would like to stay for a night? visting on the 8th 02 16. To 16 02 16. Would it be acceptable? Bring our own food, both new zealanders…..

  3. What a joke Ben island. No respect for our island. You have been there for two minutes and think you own the place. If you had any respect you would understand that the barrier is a special place that doesn’t need idiots like urself posting all this crap. Makes my blood boil your cruel to animals and just the fact you don’t respect the people who are born and breed on the island. This place is special stop raping everything and killing everything on your land. So angry !!!!

    1. Hello Tahi, you have strong emotions against my person and/or what I write on this site. As far as I know, we haven’t met. There is always two sides to a story and when you are interested in knowing my side I definitely will have an open ear to hear you out and then tell you my side.

      I write about my experiences living on this beautiful Island and also about my experiences living on the land I purchased 5.5 years ago. I don’t have family and no roots to this Island, so everything is a (steep) learning curve for me.

      As a person with roots to this Island and history and family, Tahi, you are aware that some have strong biased opinions, that some exaggerate, that some forgive their own mistakes but never those of others, that some don’t want to acknowledge opinions of others who have not been on GBI for ages, that some make up their mind and judge others from hearsay and that it doesn’t matter what one does or doesn’t, some are always against it.

      In regards to the accusations you make:
      *) I don’t own anything here, I merely am the proprietor of a property I purchased.
      *) Don’t know what you are referring to with “… posting all this crap.”
      *) I respect people by talking to them in a respectful manner, without raising my voice, without using insulting words and express my opinion with an open ear to hear others out. I make mistakes, sure, I get things wrong, sure, but I apologize when this is the case.
      *) I don’t know how you can judge whether I am cruel to animals or not.
      *) In regards to “… stop raping everything and killing everything on my land”, there is nothing I can say to this.

      For what it is worth, I have no intention to make you or others feel angry. I’ve put your comment up here, so others can see it, too.

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